PROpel 2018 Recipients

IDC is thrilled to announce the winners of the fourth annual PROpel program and conference series created exclusively for emerging professionals. This year the PROpellers are bringing along their mentors for the duration of the program.

An exceptional group of Intern members, student members and their senior mentors from across Canada, have been selected to join IDC at the inaugural Design Symposium, with all expenses paid!

The conference will kick things off with a welcome reception at the Marriott Downtown at CF Toronto Eaton Centre. Afterwards, a night of networking and fun will commence at Knoll’s Liberty Village showroom. The following two days, the group of emerging professionals and their mentors, along with industry representatives will break out into smaller groups to explore the true value of design thinking. Each evening will wrap up with a dinner and cocktails for the PROpellers, their mentors and industry representatives.

Congratulations to this year’s winners:

Emerging professionals:
Kathryn Lawrence, Katherine Locker, Jaimen Kelly, Mallory Lennon, Victoria MacQuarrie, Aven Morken, Adrianne Thomson, Jessica Glenney, Christina Michelson, Laura Goodsman, Joanne Wong, Merissa Reed, Vladilena Kipriyanova, Jason Shields, Emily Lee, Umid Abdullaev, Samantha Reyes, Cara Oakley, Miranda Young, Darren Gee.

Their mentors:
Karen Pereira, Susan Roman, Robert Platts, Brooke McMillan, Lori Arnold, Myron Nebozuk, Taabish Zaver, Gabriela Ruiz, Carolyn Saganski, Nicole Kell, Divya Dias, Gillean Woods, Bryan Wiens, Mike Isbister, Annie Hsu, Cindy Lee, Danica Zhao, Louise Aroche, Renea Cave, Jennifer Von Berendt.

We look forward to welcoming you to IDC’s inaugural design symposium and engaging everyone in a deep discussion about the value of design thinking.