VODA Gala Tickets Now Available

As the national association advocating for the interior design profession in Canada, IDC has established a new awards program to promote the value of interior design across the country.

IDC’s Value of Design Awards (VODA) will shine a spotlight on Canadian interior designers by providing a forum to showcase the benefits of design thinking: an empathetic, inventive and iterative process focused on the human experience within interior spaces.

VODA seeks to demonstrate the positive human and business impact of design thinking for the people and companies who hire a professional interior designer and takes into account the design process, design challenges, research used to identify needs and business drivers, the inspiration for the design direction, and the steps for implementation towards a realized solution.

To be recognized, the solution must address a business and/or human challenge and demonstrate how the design provides a benefit to the client’s organization or to the people experiencing the designed space.

Purpose of VODA:

  • To demonstrate the value inherent in design for the client
  • To illustrate the positive impact of design on users of the spaces
  • To collect and publish evidence-based case studies to support the above two goals
  • To provide a national platform for Canadian interior design projects within Canada and around the world

The inaugural VODA gala will be taking place on the second day of IDC’s Design Symposium, Sept. 18, 2018, and tickets and tables are still available. Tickets are included for those who purchase a Tuesday day pass or a symposium pass.

Be a part of history as we honour our members’ projects that exemplify the true value of design!