VODA – Last Call for Entries

The deadline for submissions for the Value of Design Awards (VODA) is June 8, 2018 at 12 p.m. ET.

These awards will celebrate Canadian interior designers who showcase the benefits of design thinking: an empathetic, inventive and iterative process focused on the human experience within interior spaces, and aim to demonstrate the positive human and business impact of design thinking for the people and companies who hire a professional interior designer.

Meet the judges for VODA 2018 – representing the fields of interior design, industry, and media.

Please visit IDC’s VODA page for more information about the awards, and to submit your project.

The awards will be presented at IDC’s inaugural design symposium in Toronto, Ont., Sept. 17-19, 2018. The symposium brings together thought leaders, subject experts and game changers from the wider design, business and media community to highlight the crucial role of design in shaping a productive, healthy and inclusive society.

Contact communications@idcanada.org with any questions.